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On-Deck Dining: Easy-to-prepare food on your 2021 Robalo

Apr 16, 2021
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When the skies are blue, the water’s clear, and your friends are free for the day, you know it’s a great time to take your 2021 Robalo boat out for some good company, good eats, and great views. You’ll have tons of on-deck dining options to enjoy your day out.

Stop by your local farmers market or grocery store and pick up some fruits, vegetables, bread, and pasta. We also recommend bringing meat, like tuna, deli meats, or catching your own fish while you’re out on the water.

Bring a cooler for the drinks and ingredients. You can store corn on the cob in your cooler, deli meats, potatoes, cucumber, cheese, and tomatoes. Plus, bring some herbs and spices, stored separately, to make a delicious potato salad. Add fish to the salad for some protein.

If you want to spice things up, stuffed jalapeño poppers are sure to do the trick. To start, fry bacon to a crisp on the stove before you head out to the boat. Then, stuff the jalapeño peppers with cream cheese. Add some minced onion and cilantro, and then wrap the peppers in the crispy pieces of bacon. You’re ready to go.

Whip up a bowl of garlic bowtie pasta salad for a balanced meal filled with carbs, protein and fiber. Prep the bowl your way with chopped bell peppers, cubed cheese, peas and carrots, and pasta. Top it off with your favorite flavorful sauce.

For a fun side, place corn on the cobs inside your cooler with boiling water on top and close the cooler for a fun side. Do this before you leave for the day. After a few hours on the boat, open the cooler and you’ll be ready to serve some steaming corn on the cob.

If you wind up with leftovers, you can go for round two or use the meats to create a charcuterie board. The key here is to make the meals simple yet flavorful.

We’d love to see the meals you make on your boat. Tag us in your photos @robaloboats and #RobaloNation.